Did You Know? (Books 1-4) by Keith A. Rothra
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Did You Know? Set (Books 1-4)


Dr. Keith A. Rothra

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Get all four books of the Did You Know series and save.  Did You Know? is the devotional series by Dr. Keith A. Rothra that offers a refreshing look at biblical facts and precepts to encourage believers to a higher and more fruitful faith and faithfullness.

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Although the Bible is the most widely read book in history, there are many unknown fine points yet to be explored within its pages. In Did You Know?, a seasoned pastor and teacher presents biblical facts, concepts, and reflections that will encourage spiritual seekers to walk with faith and grace through every day of life.

Dr. Keith Rothra, who has served as pastor of churches in several states, relies on a rich foundation of Holy Scripture to share motivating reflections on a variety of Christian topics and themes that include faith, prayer, salvation, the laws of God, and Christian living. Through his writings, you will discover why God sometimes uses non-believers in order to fulfill His prophecies, why it is our joy to guide people away from sin when we witness it, and why effective prayer begins with faith.

Did You Know? shares lessons of faith that will inspire believers to build a stronger relationship with the Lord and share His message with the world.

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Did You Know?: Biblical Facts, Concepts, and Reflections for Daily Living


Dr. Keith A. Rothra






CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2nd Edition, 2017)






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