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Did You Know? (Book 4) by Keith A. Rothra
Back cover of Did You Know? (Book 4) by Keith A. Rothra

Did You Know? – Book 4


Dr. Keith A. Rothra

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This is the fourth volume of the Did You Know? devotional series by Dr. Keith A. Rothra. Book 4 continues offering inspirational Christian daily readings that offer a greater understanding of Scripture and application to daily life.

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A midnight experience with my dear bride, Barbara, was the beginning of the Did You Know? devotional series. She has a way of asking me questions at dark-thirty at night. She nudged me in the back about six times before I was awake enough to understand that she was about to unload a new midnight nugget. Actually, it was well past midnight … closer to 3:00 AM. She had been reading her Bible. She’s a night person and does a lot of her Scripture reading at dark hours. But when she has a question, she takes the Scriptures quite literally where Paul told the women to ask their husbands at home. The 3:00 AM hour has never been a deterrent to her. I asked her once if these discussions could wait for morning, and she replied that she could always call her Pastor. Even at 3:00 AM, I knew she would have no problem with picking up her cell phone and calling me with her question just to get her Pastor’s response. Here is her beginning question: did you know, in the New Jerusalem there will be one continuous day; never a night? But there will be a river flowing through the city, and it will have fruit trees on both sides of the river. The fruit will have a new crop every month. So … are you ready for this at 3:00 AM? … If there is no night, only one continuous day … how long is a month?

This and similar questions became the stimulus for me to answer the questions in a short format. Then, it graduated into reading short Scripture passages and commenting on them in about 400 words. Then I began posting them as a daily blog on Facebook. When I passed the 100-mark on “Did You Know” dailies, I realized that God was giving me a book to share. This is the fourth volume of Did You Know? What began with a middle-of-the-night question from my dear wife, Barbara, and began with the words, “Did you know,” has grown to a multi-volume series of inspirations. Our prayers are that you will draw encouragement from what the Lord has given us to share, and that you will share it with others.

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Did You Know?: Biblical Facts, Concepts, and Reflections for Daily Living


Dr. Keith A. Rothra






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