Did You Know? Devotional Series

Did You Know? (Book 1, 2nd ed) by Keith A. Rothra
Did You Know? (Book 1, 2nd ed)
Did You Know? (Book 2) by Keith A. Rothra
Did You Know? (Book 2)
Did You Know? (Book 3) by Keith A. Rothra
Did You Know? (Book 3)
Did You Know? (Book 4) by Keith A. Rothra
Did You Know? (Book 4)

Jesus called His Father, “Father.” Throughout the New Testament He used that term, with one exception. . . .

Did You Know? is the daily devotional writings of Dr. Keith A. Rothra. Unlike many others, Did You Know? has an uncommon origin, a unique approach, and a biblical purpose.

Uncommon Origins: Born Online

Pastor Keith Rothra began posting his devotional writings on Facebook in 2013. His work gained an ever-growing audience all across the United States. People were encouraged and educated, and people liked and shared his posts to an even wider audience.

Eventually, to meet the growing need, and because many wished to read the difficult to find older posts, Keith decided to publish his devotionals in the book, Did You Know? He will, however, continue to post his online series, so be sure to follow Keith on Facebook.

Unique Approach: Small Details, Life-Changing Applications

Devotionals are ubiquitous, and few stand the test of time as special. Many offer inspirational stories based on one or a few verses of Scripture.

Did You Know? is different.

Did You Know? delves into the small details of Scripture, and highlights the life-changing applications that God is revealing in them. As a result, in this unique devotional, Keith teaches the Bible as well as inspires readers in their spiritual journey.

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Biblical Purpose: Christian Discipleship

Keith Rothra is a pastor with a pastor’s heart. His desire is to help people experience an ever-growing relationship with the risen Lord, Jesus Christ. As such, it is his prayer and goal that Did You Know? helps people learn Scripture and fall deeper in love with Jesus.

Sample of Did You Know?

Abba … Daddy

Many men become a father, but there is something special about being Daddy. Daddy is the one who sips imaginary tea from a plastic cup while sitting in a chair so small that his knees are at his chin. Daddy shows his son how to throw a ball … how to cast a line … how to bear a broken heart from the first lost love.

Daddy is the title of that special man who remembers that love is the most important thing he can give to his children. He will protect them at all costs. He will give his time generously. He will hear the cries of his child … and will kiss away the skinned knees of that first bicycle fall … and will dance with his princess on the day he gives her away.

Jesus called His Father, “Father.” Throughout the New Testament He used that term, with one exception. When praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus turned to a much more personal term. He cried out to “Abba.” It is roughly interpreted as the familiar “Daddy.” When hurting deeply, our Lord called out to His “Daddy.”


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