About Dr. Keith A. Rothra

Dr. Keith A. Rothra
Dr. Keith A. Rothra

Keith is pastor of Judson Community Baptist Church in Longview, Texas and author of the Did You Know? devotional series.  Additionally, he teaches history and theater at Longview Christian School.

Over his thirty years in ministry, Dr. Rothra served in churches in Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, and Texas.  He also taught taught government at LeTourneau University and Kilgore Colllege.

Raised in Celeron, New York, he graduated from Arizona State University and Covington Theological Seminary, and retired from the US Air Force as a Major.  Married to Barbara over forty years, they have two children and six grandchildren.

Keith enjoys playing guitar, singing his gospel music creations, and sharing his hundreds of short devotional writings, some of which are found in Did You Know?

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