where do you rank in God’s garden? Are you like my tomato plants that are huge and leafy but bear nothing of value? Or are you the fruit-laden garden of God that produces many crops for His Kingdom?

Where’s the Fruit?

If Satan will try to tempt God to sin …. Will he not throw all he has at you? Pray…. "And lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from evil."

Tempting God

God is the provider. God is the author. God is the speaker of the Word. All we need to do is to listen and then pass it on.


praying hands 2
What were they doing before Jesus came to them the first time? Hiding and praying for three days. The second time? Hiding and praying for seven days. The day of Pentecost? Praying … for yet another week.

Power of Prayer

Why would I ask someone to put oil on my head? That’s ridiculous! … or is it? Is it any stranger than telling Naaman to jump into the Jordan River seven times?

Naaman’s Baptism

We cannot take it upon ourselves to heal or call out demons, but God can invest within you to carry out His healing through laying on your hands.

Healing Hands